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Mot juste
A single word has the power to clarify, amuse, provoke, delight, conceal, confuse or offend. That is why at Advisory Translation Services we make it our business to search for “le mot juste” – the right word. We strive to present you with French text that is a perfect expression of the English author’s intent.
Translation is an art and a science. And it all starts with a client who shares our quest for perfection. If you are not fluent in French, you might not understand the words we have chosen so carefully. But you will certainly realize the importance of effective business communications.
You will appreciate the power of "le mot juste". And so will your audience.
“I trust Nicole not just for direct translation, but for the greater skill
of the finest translator, to convey the correct meaning. From
a personal letter to a highly technical document, Nicole
researches and crafts a superior translation. I
have never seen a typo or any other error.
For this Nicole Giguère is indispensable.”
- Colleen Sharpe, Art Curator, Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta, Canada