Advisory Translation Services Inc. - Your French Communications Partner
Raison d’être
The essence of Advisory Translation Services is pure French.   
We are French communications experts, and the French language is our profession and our passion.
For our clients, our dedication and expertise translate to clear, professional communications that capture the true meaning of the English message, while reflecting the nuances and distinctive flavour of the French language.
As in every language, the words have subtle shadows of meaning beyond the literal. They carry emotion, colour and imagery as well as information. At Advisory Translation Services, we understand the words. Equally important, we understand the culture behind the words. Effective communication is our raison d’être.
“Throughout my involvement with Nicole I found her to be extremely
professional, accurate, efficient and a pleasure to work with. She
accommodated our every request and met every deadline
at the expense of her personal time and commitments.”
- Sgt. K.W. Chatel, G8 SUMMIT, Calgary, Alberta, Canada