Giving momentum to projects through proper translation since 1991.

Was it something you said?

Incorrect translation can lead to serious consequences, which is why you need an accredited translation professional by your side.

Our Passion

Advisory Translation Services is passionate about the French language. We provide the highest quality translation, adaptation, and proofreading services available.

Our Difference

We understand that words carry emotion, imagery, and information. Through clear, expert translation, we capture the true meaning of your English message while reflecting the distinctive flavors of the French language.

Our Profession

Our ultimate goal is to provide expertise, reliable services, advice, and quality translations to clients requiring a powerful understanding of English to French translation.

Clients Who Trust Advisory Translation Services:

PetroLMI, Parks Canada, Jugo Juice, Good Earth Coffeehouse, Freshwater Creative, Skeeter Media, Chinook Consulting, University of Calgary, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Glenbow Museum, Alberta Rural Development Network, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Canadian Learning Initiative in China, Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies

What sets us apart

Custom Solutions & Advice

We provide more than literal translations. Advisory Translation Services goes far beyond basic translation. We advise on approach; whether you need a straight translation, an adaptation, or guidance on messaging. We can also create verbal meaning based on visuals.

Ultimate Quality Control

With Advisory Translation Services, you have the assurance of internal quality control. The principal translator, Nicole Giguère, holds the highest level of qualifications available in the translation industry worldwide as she has earned a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Translation from Université Laval, Québec, Canada. Nicole has translated over 30 million words, and she brings her expertise to every project.

Professional Liability

Accurate translations can save you from costly errors such as cultural oversight and marketing blunders. Advisory Translation Services is legally ready to certify your translations by stamp or seal as required. With our team at your side, you can be sure your materials are accurate and ready for the world to see.

Highly Specialized

Complete mastery of the French written language is essential to a high-quality translation. Advisory Translation Services has a deep understanding of the mechanics of French grammar. This desire for mastery is why we offer only English to French translation, ensuring every word is on point and rich in meaning.

Advisory Translation Services is among the most accredited in our field: