The Advisory Translation Services difference begins with:

Utmost Credibility

If you insist on high-quality outcomes for your business, then Advisory Translation Services is the right match for you. Advisory Translation Services meets demanding English to French translation needs. Holding the highest accreditation available in our industry, we maintain good standing with the industry’s most prestigious regulatory bodies.

Prioritizing Quality

As a highly specialized service, we provide English to French translation services to clients requiring the utmost care in their translations. Our specialty and exceptional credentials allow us to deliver the finest work to our clients, accurately, and on time. Advisory Translation Services values healthy, long-lasting client partnerships.

Strict Code of Ethics

We believe in integrity, confidentiality, and superior quality, ensuring accountability in all that we do. Advisory Translation Services is built on the strongest foundation. We are passionate about using our expertise to deliver only the most consistent and accurate English to French translations to our clients.

Nicole Giguère, owner of Advisory Translation Services is proudly accredited:

  • Certified Translator (C. Trans.) from English into French


  • 30+ Years as a Certified Member of Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ)

  • 30+ Years as a Certified Member of Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta (ATIA)


Thank you, Nicole, for helping Jugo Juice expand successfully into the Quebec market!

We appreciate that we can always count on you for quick, flawless translation. You understand our brand and the importance of making sure the overall ‘feel’ of the message is conveyed in our French market. Providing translation for every department from Operations to Marketing, you are an invaluable resource and we are glad to have you as part of the Jugo Juice team.

Jugo Juice International

Throughout my involvement with Nicole, I found her to be extremely professional, accurate, efficient and a pleasure to work with. She accommodated our every request and met every deadline at the expense of her personal time and commitments.

Sgt. K.W. Chatel, G8 SUMMIT, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I trust Nicole not just for direct translation, but for the greater skill of the finest translator, to convey the correct meaning. From a personal letter to a highly technical document, Nicole researches, and crafts a superior translation. I have never seen a typo or any other error. For this Nicole Giguère is indispensable.

Colleen Sharpe, Art Curator, Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The services of Nicole Giguère have been contracted by Skeeter Media to act as a Certified Translator on numerous eLearning projects. These projects, requiring conversion from English to French, include compulsory Code of Conduct training and technical training, primarily in the Oil & Gas sector (Enbridge).

Nicole’s ability to produce excellent French copy under tight deadlines (with last minute changes made to the English copy) has been fantastic. She is not only a talented translator, but also very service-oriented, flexible, professional and dedicated. She has often spent critical research time to ensure the use of the appropriate language for our clients’ target audience. While previous translators have had to have their work double-checked by clients’ internal staff, sometimes with numerous rewrites, Nicole’s work has been flawless. Thanks to Nicole’s expertise and experience, we have been able to produce French materials that are accurate and credible.

Rob Skeet, President, Skeeter Media Calgary Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get started, please provide us with: 

  • A word count estimate
  • A tentative timeline
  • An idea of the topic involved 
  • Your target audience (i.e. Québec engineers, European scholars).

You can submit your details here.

We strictly translate from English into French for Canadian and overseas audiences. We do not translate in other language combinations, nor do we translate from French into English. We are trained in English into French translations only.

We stand behind the importance of specialization, which means only one language combination. We believe that excellence can only be produced by translation service providers who fully understand the language. For that reason, all of our translators hold Bachelor or Master Degrees in English into French translation.

We are distinct in a variety of ways: 

  • We specialize in only one language combination. We provide translations in one language combination: English into French. We know that in order to provide deep attention to detail, it is best to specialize in only one language combination. After all, it is extremely difficult to trust that a multilingual agency is rendering meanings accurately and performs quality control on language combinations they do not master.
  • We are highly educated and certified. All of our translators hold Bachelor or Master Degrees in English into French translation. 
  • We go beyond translation. We also provide advice as to copyright issues, regulations requirements, and more.
We provide English into French translation, adaptation, and proofreading services. We also offer French voice-over services. We take care of a wide range of requirements, from annual reports to official documents, websites, survey materials, marketing, and training manuals, to name a few.

For a full list of services, click here.

We quote on a per-word basis or hourly basis, depending on the nature of your project. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a free quote on a timely basis. 

For a free quote, click here.

Absolutely! Founder and principal translator Nicole Giguère is a Certified Translator (C. Trans.) from English into French. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Translation from one of Canada’s top translation schools: Université Laval in Québec City. 

All of our translators hold Bachelor or Master Degrees in English into French translation from accredited universities.

Yes! Advisory Translation Services can certify documents by seal and stamp. We submit documents to clients with stringent needs for embassies, consulates, overseas educational institutes, courts, and law firms. We also provide translations for affidavit and other legal documents.

Translation and adaptation involve the same process, such as terminology research, translation, editing, and proofreading. However, adaptation goes one step further to make the information shorter and more user friendly. 

For instance, a museum with limited space on their labels may require an adaptation rather than a straight translation. To achieve proper adaptation, we take our original translation and reword it in a way that doesn’t lose meaning but will be more appealing to the audience. 

An engineering or financial report would require a straight translation rather than adaptation.

Terminology research is a critical step in the translation process. It allows our translators to use the right words based on your target audience and field of work. 

For instance, the word “student” can be translated in a myriad of ways depending on the context. We make sure to research your topic thoroughly at the very start of the translation process to ensure your end-users and readers understand your French text. 

Thorough terminology research also allows the use of consistent terms throughout the entire project.